Bio Research Laboratory

Frombio’s laboratory constituted by Professional researcher is based on antibody engineering technology and they develop and research new drugs for antibody and autoimmune disease

Outstanding new medicine development by professional researcher at Bio Research Laboratory

Founded in 2016, FromBio’s Bio Research Laboratory focuses on developing new bio-new drugs based on venture spirit, organic system, ideas and technology beyond science.

Monoclonal antibody and bispecific antibodies Technology Possession

Frombio’s laboratory, which has a monoclonal antibody and bispecific antibody development technology with anti-cancer activity, is conducting research and development of autoimmune disease treatments, intractable disease, and new drugs for adult diseases based on its knowledge and skills on immune cancer.

Frombio will take the lead in securing national bio-competitiveness through the development of excellent new drugs, with improving national health as our top priority.

Monoclonal antibody engineering

Bispecific antibody and ADC

Autoimmune disease medicine.