FromBio will continue to invest in R&D development and discover new materials using superior technology. We will become a global health care company that creates value for improving the quality of life for our customers.

Frombio CO., Ltd.
Establishment date
June 26, 2006
Tae Jin Shim
Number of employee
Main Product
For joints and cartilage, Boswellia
For stomachache, mastic
Frombio wild mango jelly
For your eye health, Bilberry plus
Information of Frombio.
Frombio (Suwon)
Frombio Bio Research Laboratory
Frombio Food Research Laboratory
Frombio Health Functional Food GMP Iksan Factory.


Frombio continues to strive to become a global health care company.
We will focus on research and development of health functional foods and new drugs that are the driving force of a happy life.

Functional ingredient recognition.

Frombio has had a number of functional ingredient recognition since 2008. We are producing products as ingredients that we have found, researched and verified ourselves.

Strict Food Research laboratory

Frombio has Food Research Laboratory composed of experts.
our products can meet customer after it has been passed all the process of strict Food Research Laboratory’s standards, from raw material to products inspection

Next generation material development of Bio Research Laboratory.

Frombio has a small but strong Bio Research Laboratory. Frombio researches and experiments from dawn until late at night in order to health of customer is continued into the future.

Strict Quality Control GMP

Completed in 2019, Frombio GMP Iksan Factory produces health functional food using high quality natural raw materials and excavate natural raw materials in domestic and abroad.