Symbols represent the spirit of Frombio to return health to customers using excellent natural ingredients.


In the form of wind, water, and earth surrounding each other, it represents health from nature to humans, the slogan of Frombio.


The softness of outline, it represents Frombio's mind that always puts the customer first, and is always together from the customer's point of view.

Honesty, Trust

The bold Gothic logotype expresses the solid honesty and trust of Frombio, which uses only reliable and superior materials.

  • Main Color_

  • FromBIO Navy

    PANTONE 295C
    C100 M95 Y60 K20
    R20 G42 B73
    Web Safe #142a49

  • Sub Color_

  • FromBIO Yellow Green

    PANTONE 369C
    C65 M18 Y100 K0
    R101 G161 B49
    Web Safe #65a131

  • FromBIO Gray

    PANTONE Cool Gray 9c
    Web Safe #525252

  • Special Color_

  • FromBIO Gold

    PANTONE 872C
    *해당컬러 사용시 별색인쇄만 가능

  • FromBIO Silver

    PANTONE 877C
    *해당컬러 사용시 별색인쇄만 가능