Food Research Laboratory

FromBio Food Research Laboratory, composed of talented people in various fields, is discovering, verifying and researching new functional materials to introduce safe health functional foods to consumers.

Constant exploration
and verification of raw materials

Founded in 2011, FromBio Food Research Laboratory has discovered excellent materials in domestic and abroad and verified their efficacy and functional safety through its own experiments.

Through continuous exploration and verification of new materials, we will show healthy products that can contribute to national health.

A total of 10 cases of Functional Ingredient Recognition (by the Ministy of Food and Drug Safety)

A total of 10 cases of Functional Ingredient Recognition have been recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as functional ingredients. Through many years of research, we have R&D experience and know-how on functional ingredients of health functional foods.

Furthermore, we will try to be a global health care company beyond Korea by discovering growth engines for the future through investment in GMP facilities and innovative research and development.

Discover new functional materials

Evaluation of functionality and stability

Development of the Material Identification Method

Setting the product management standards